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Angels & Demons Transposition by Darin Martineau

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This is an advanced New Close-Up Card Magic ebook. Very Amazing and Super-Visual Close-Up Magic! Diabolical methods!
Learn 3 New Incredible Ace Routines:
Chapter #1 – The Tenkai Quad Reverse
Chapter #2 – Shadow Aces
A Super Visual 4 at once Aces Revelation!
Chapter #3 – Angels & Demons Transposition

The EFFECT: The 4 Aces are signed and 4 red cards (the red devils) are signed. The spectator puts their hand on top of the 4 Aces. You show the 4 red cards and then magically and very cleanly change them into the 4 signed Aces! The spectator lifts up their hand to reveal that they now have the 4 signed red cards! This is a Diabolical New Effect! Master Magician Darin Martineau has over 35 years in Magic and is the protege of the World Class Magician Allan Ackerman- who is a protege of the Legend Ed Marlo.
“Darin constantly amazes me with his ingenuity and skill”
– Allan Ackerman

“Darin is the ghost in the magic machine.
His Magic is used by many pro magicians.
Magician Shin Lim does Darin’s Eclipse Color Change.
With 35 years in Magic he is a consummate pro in his creation of incredible effects”
-Brian Smedley Magician – Myriad Creative Entertainment

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