Here is a good resources for researching Magic & Credits:
New Conjuring Credits website!
Many Magic Websites Directory:
Magic Podcasts:
Best Magic Reviewers:
Jeff Stone
Reviews written by Dan Watkins

For a beginner I would recommend getting free books from the Libraries:
Section 793.8
7–Arts & Recreation; 9–Recreation; 3–Indoor Games & Amusements; .8 Magic = 793.8

Essential Classic Magic Books to study:
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Card Manipulations Series
More Card Manipulations Series
Modern Coin Magic
Practical Mental Effects
Harlan Tarbell’s Mail Order Course
MAGIC: The Complete Course by Joshua Jay
Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic by Mark Wilson

The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue
Royal Road to Card Magic DVD Set taught by Magician R. Paul Wilson
Easy to Master Card Miracles by Michael Ammar Volumes 1 -9 videos

Advanced Card Control Series by Allan Ackerman (my Mentor)

Ed Marlo Books

Dai Vernon Books

The Stars of Magic books

Roberto Giobbi’s – card magic series Card College books Volumes 1-5

Secret Agenda by Book by Roberto Giobbi

Amatuer Magicians Handbook by Henry Hay

The World’s Greatest Card Magic course has a great selection of videos from many Master magicians
Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks collection from BigBlindMedia.
John Bannon has incredible self-working card magic and can be found in his videos: Move Zero, Decked Out and Destination Zero.

Best Trick Decks for Beginner Magicians:
Marked Deck
Svengali Deck
Stripper Deck
Blank Deck
Invisible Deck


Free Magic Periodicals are available with a free account at

Conjurer’s Monthly Magazine
Conjuror’s Magazine [William Locke]
Gibecière Supplementary Material
Goldston’s Magical Quarterly
Journal of Magic Research
Magic Hands
Magic [Ellis Stanyon]
New Conjurors’ Magazine
Seven Circles

Free Magic Books (many are in the public domain & Free!)

202 Methods of Forcing by Theo Annemann
A Half Hour of Magic by Sicnarf
A Real Magic Show by Lane
Al Baker Book No. 1 by Al Baker
Al Baker Book No. 2 by Al Baker
Annemann’s Buried Treasure by Annemann
Annemann’s Card Miracles
Annemann’s Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
Annemann’s Mental Mysteries
Annemann’s Miracles of Card Magic
Annemann’s One Man Mental and Psychic Routine
Annual of Magic 1937 by Jean Hugard
Annual of Magic 1938-39 by Jean Hugard
Behind the Scenes with the Mediums by Abbott
Card Manipulations No. 1 by Jean Hugard
Card Manipulations No. 2 by Jean Hugard
Card Manipulations No. 3 by Jean Hugard
Card Manipulations No. 4 by Jean Hugard
Card Manipulations No. 5 by Jean Hugard
Casting New Light on the Stripper Deck by Jean Hugard
Chap’s Scrapbook
Coin Magic by Jean Hugard
Conjuring with Cards by Ellis Stanyon
DeLawrence Manuscript by George DeLawrence
Drug Store Magic by Eli B. Johnson
Effective Tricks by Louis F. Christianer
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Gravatt/Hugard
Exclusive Problems in Magic by Edward Bagshawe
Fire and Chemical Magic – Second Series by Ellis Stanyon
Frank Lane’s Book of Patter

Frank Lane Ideas No. 2
Frozen Alive by Valleau
G and M Magic Course by Grant and Menge
Golden Jubilee Book of Magic by Sphinx/Christopher
Great Handcuff Tricks by Ellis Stanyon
Great Paper and String Tricks – First Series by Ellis Stanyon
Half-a-Dozen Hummers by Bob Hummer
Hand-Book of Magic by Colonel Stodare
Handkerchief Manipulation Act by George Stillwell
Handkerchief Tricks for Boys by Alfred C. Gilbert
Here’s How by Lane
Hermann the Magician by H. J. Burlingame
Indian Conjuring by L. H. Branson
Knots and Splices by Alfred C. Gilbert
Latter Day Tricks by Roterberg
Magazine Memorizing by Bernard Zufall
Magic or Conjuring for Amateurs by Ellis Stanyon
Magic for Magicians by Percy Abbott
Magic from A to Z by Arthur Leroy
Magic Handbook by Science and Mechanics
Magic of the Hands by Edward Victor
Magic of Tomorrow by Mole-Medrington-Hammond
Magical Deceptions by Crayford
Magical Notions by Louis F. Christianer
Magical Originalities by Noakes
Making Magic Pay by H. Syril Dusenbery
Mechanical and Electrical Tricks by W. T. McQuade
Mental File Index by Bernard Zufall
Mental Magic with Cards by Jean Hugard
Miracle Methods Number Two by Hugard and Braue
Miracle Methods Number Four by Hugard and Braue
Miracles in Modern Magic by Whiteley
Miscellaneous Tricks and Memory Feats by Ellis Stanyon
Modern Card Effects by DeLawrence/Thompson
Modern Coin Magic by Bobo
Modern Mysteries by G. C. Hines
Money Magic by Jean Hugard
More Card Manipulations 1 by Jean Hugard
More Card Manipulations 2 by Jean Hugard
More Card Manipulations 3 by Jean Hugard
More Card Manipulations 4 by Jean Hugard
More Magical Mysteries by Edward Bagshawe
Natural Magic by Phillip Astley
New Billiard Ball Sleights – First Series by Ellis Stanyon
New Card Tricks by Ellis Stanyon
New Card Tricks – Second Series by Ellis Stanyon
New Coin Tricks by Ellis Stanyon
New Coin Tricks – Second Series by Ellis Stanyon
New Fire and Chemical Tricks – First Series by Ellis Stanyon
New Handkerchief Tricks by Ellis Stanyon
New Miscellaneous Tricks – Second Series by Ellis Stanyon
“One Man” Mind Reading Secrets by Ralph W. Read
Original Explanatory Programmes by Ellis Stanyon
Our Magic by Maskelyne
Our Mysteries by Various
Over the Coffee Cups by Martin Gardner
Paper Magic by Houdini
Paper Magic by Will Blyth
Paul Rosini’s Magical Gems by Rufus Steele
Practical Conjuring by James Carl
Practical Mental Effects by Annemann
Practical Mindreading by Atkinson
Prepared Cards and Accessories by Jean Hugard
Problems in Mystery by Max Sterling
Programmes of Famous Magicians by Max Holden
Radio and Nite-Club Mindreading by Larsen-McGill
Sealed Mysteries of Pocket Magic by Jean Hugard
Secrets by U.F. Grant
Si Stebbins Card Tricks by Si Stebbins
Some Modern Conjuring by Donald Holmes
Some New Magic by J. F. Burrows
Sports and Pastimes by F. M.
Spirit Slate Writing by William E. Robinson
Stage Illusions by Will Goldston
Stanyon’s New Silent Thought Transmission by Ellis Stanyon
Ten New Pocket Tricks by Charles T. Jordan
The Conjurer’s Vade Mecum by J. F. Orrin
The Discoverie of Witchcraft by Reginald Scot (Conjuring chapters only)
The Dramatic Art of Magic by Louis C. Haley
The Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase
The Expositor by Pinchbeck
The Fifty Best Conjuring Tricks by Charles T. Crayford
The Great Mysteries by Oudini
The Magician’s Handbook by Selbit
The Novelty Act De-Luxe with Watches and Clocks by Heverly The Great
The Original Tricks of Clement de Lion by Ellis Stanyon
The Sharper Detected and Exposed by Robert-Houdin
The Shower of Sweets by Tom Osborne
They’re Off! by Lane/Grant
Three Six Bits by Franklin M. Chapman
Three-to-One Rope Trick by Osborne
Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena by J.H. Burlingame
Vaudeville Magic by David Lustig
Visible Magic by Verral Wass
Volume Six by Percy Naldrett
Weird Wonders for Wizards by Sidney E. Josolyne
Wrinkles by S. Willson Bailey – Harold A. Osborne






The largest magic organization in the world, the International Brotherhood of Magicians has hundreds of local branches or clubs that meet each month, with members in 88 countries.